Investment means investing your money, you have earned with hard work, your dedication, and your sacrifices behind it. When you invest your money, you expect it to yield good returns, and for the same, it is necessary to get your investment planned perfectly by investment planner.

When you ride a bike, you wear a helmet, to protect yourself from the risk of getting a head injury, at the time of accidents. Likewise, to lessen the risks of loss in your investment, you need an investment planner, who does the same for your portfolio and let your investment, earn an ample amount for you.

Investment planning is subjected to expert advice.

If any individual wants to invest in the market, he/she requires a qualified knowledge of the market values and also should be aware of its ups and downs, but the difficulty is, this whole process costs a good time of yours.

Added to that, you cannot trust your analysis report. As being new to market investment, it may happen that during your analysis, you must have left some sections to be analyzed, and investment, a point mistake can reduce the return to be generated on your investment, to some extent.

Investment planner, first analyses investor’s investment objective, their risk appetite, their time horizon for investment, and then picks up the best mutual fund scheme for an investor to invest in and earn a good return.

Simply I say, investment planner is like a mother. As a mother always try to give the best to their children, similarly an investment planner avails the best option to the investor’s that completely satisfy their goals. You know, the most amazing thing, this whole process of analysis and offering the best mutual fund scheme, by an investment planner, only takes a few minutes! This is because they are already aware of the performance of mutual funds and their schemes in the market. They don’t require any market analysis, as they are experts in the market!

Just tell me one thing, you have to make a Rangoli win a Rangoli competition, and you don’t know to make one, but one of your friends is an expert in making Rangoli. What will you do, if it is specified that you can take one person to assist you? Obviously, you will take help from your friend to make the Rangoli and would try to win the competition. Similarly, if you have the choice to get your portfolio modeling done by the experts, then why to do it by yourself, get it done by the investment planner.

Now the question is how to choose a good investment planner, among the pool of investment planners in the market. Well…well…no need to worry! It can be done with simple steps.

  1. Earn some good advises regarding the investment planner form the people around you, investing in a mutual fund.
  2. When you do online shopping, you go through the commodity reviews, similarly, go through the reviews about the different investment planners from different people, analyze those reviews.
  3. Pick out some of them, visit them, the one whose advice satisfies your objectives completely, go with the same.

Many people have queries, that appointing an investment planner costs much to investor’s pockets. It is not so. Investment planners are peoples associated with AMC’s (Asset Management Companies), who get a fixed salary, and do not ask for any commission from its clients. Whatever portfolio management costs charged to the investor, is charged by the AMC’s and paid to the AMC’s. Unlike investment planners, brokers or agents charge their commission to the investors.

In my personal opinion, I would suggest you, appoint an investment planner, plan your investment perfectly, sit on the bean bag and enjoy your good returns on your investment.

Happy Investing!

(Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Kindly read all the related documents carefully before investing. Illustrations are for example only, there is no guarantee of returns. Past performance is not an indicator/guarantee to future returns)